This version of ImageDataExtractor is deprecated. Find the latest version here.

Getting Started

This page gives a introduction on how to get started with ImageDataExtractor. This assumes you already have ImageDataExtractor and ChemDataExtractor-IDE installed.

Extract Image

It's simplest to run ImageDataExtractor on an image file.

Open a python terminal and import the library with:

>>> import imagedataextractor as ide

Then run:

>>> ide.extract_image('<path/to/image/file>')

to perform the extraction.

This runs ImageDataExtractor on the image and outputs all extracted results to a single directory.

By default, the output from each image is stored in current working directory in the format <doc#>_<doi>_<figid>_<splitfig#>

Extract Document

To automatically extract microscopy images from a HTML or XML article, use the extract_document method instead:

>>> ide.extract_document('<path/to/document/file>')

And that's it!

ImageDataExtractor currently supports HTML documents from the Royal Society of Chemistry and XML files obtained using the Elsevier Developers Portal .