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Upload a single image to try ImageDataExtractor online. Alternatively, check out one of our example files.

Please note that this demo has been configured to only extract single SEM and TEM images. The full version of the tool can split multiple images from a panel of images and it can function together with a bespoke version of ChemDataExtractor to identify and extract microscopy images from documents.

Please install the ImageDataExtractor and ChemDataExtractor plug in to test the full version of this tool. If extracting from a document please use HTML or XML from Royal Society of Chemistry or Elsevier publishers. To employ articles from other publishers, please download the ChemDataExtractor toolkit and write your own parser.

This demo works best for high resolution images, where the depth cueing is limited, where particle heterogeneity is not too extensive, and where the images contain particles rather than bespoke objects (such as the microscopy imprint of an insect).

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Synthesis of BiOBr/WO3 p–n heterojunctions with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity. Fig. 2a

J. Zhang et al., CrystEngComm (2016) 10.1039/c6ce00824k

Porous lanthanide oxides via a precursor method: Morphology control through competitive interaction of lanthanide cations with oxalate anions and amino acids. Fig. 8d

Z. Shen et al., Dalton Transactions (2010) 10.1039/b916167h

Synthesis of hollow La2O3:Yb3+/Er3+/Tm3+ microspheres with tunable up-conversion luminescence properties. Fig. 2a

Z. Xu et al., RSC Advances (2013) 10.1039/c3ra40414e

Mild synthesis of {001} facet predominated Bi2O2CO3 clusters with outstanding simulated sunlight photocatalytic activities. Fig. 5c

L. Yang et al., CrystEngComm (2016) 10.1039/c6ce00435k

Silver nanoparticles with different size and shape: equal cytotoxicity, but different antibacterial effects. Fig. 2e

J. Helmlinger et al., RSC Advances (2016) 10.1039/c5ra27836h

Facile preparation of a monodispersed CuO yolk-shelled structure with enhanced photochemical performance. Fig. 1c

Y. Zhang et al., CrystEngComm (2016) 10.1039/c6ce01551d